Where do I find the available job openings of Toko?

You can find more information about all job openings & our team here.

How do I apply?

Easy! You can fill out your application by simply filling out some basic personal deets and uploading your photo & resume here.

How long will it take until Toko responds to my application?

Our average time to reach back to a new candidate with a response is within 72 hrs after their application. Due to occasionally excessive peaks in candidate inbound, the 72 hours limit may be exceeded.

How can I be certain that my application is received ?

When you’ve applied correctly, Toko will immediately send you an email with acknowledgement of your application.

What do I need to do next after my application?

After we’ve looked at your profile and resume, we will let you know by email whether you’ve been selected for the first interview.

When declined, can I apply again?

When we decide to decline your application, we will provide you by email with a short explanation on why this is the case. After being declined, you can not apply again until 1 year after your application. Another application within that period will therefore be ignored.

What is the level of language expertise you’re looking for?

At Toko we require English proficiency on a level of at least 8 out of 10.

Can I recommend someone else for a job?

Yes, you can! Please email his/her name, email address and the name of the specific role to careers@tokohub.com.

When approved, how do I schedule an interview?

When we decide to approve your application, we will send you an email with clear instructions to schedule a video call with your interviewer. Once you've scheduled a time to chat, reply to the email with the date (please use "mmm dd" format, ex: Nov 14) you have chosen. At the time of the interview, join the meeting by clicking the link provided in the email.

What interviews do I have to do to complete the hiring process?

From start to end, the interview process will look like the following: We start with a 20 minute video chat to get to know each other, then we’ll do a 20 minute interview to get a more complete sense of your ability, teamplayer skills, and work ethic. Finally, to complete the process we’ll do a final 50 minute interview to answer general, cultural and logistical questions.

Do I need to send additional information before the first interview?

To apply, you will have to upload your resume and other details. Next to that, we will send you a form that we want you to fill out on your preferences, expectations and questions. This will take 5 minutes. In general, there will be no more information needed. If we do need more information, we will let you know.

How long does the interview process take?

The interviews will be about 2 hours total, spread out over 1-2 weeks.

How many interview rounds are there?

There are three interview rounds.

How long does it take to be informed about the decision after an interview?

After we've completed the interview, we will normally need up to 72 hours to decide whether the candidate has made it to the next phase.

What does the final interview look like?

The final interview is the last step before hiring a candidate. The interview is all about addressing remaining job or logistic related questions or issues. This interview will take up to 50 minutes.

How can I be sure that there is an equal hiring process for all ethnicities, gender, sexuality etc. ?

At Toko, we don’t just accept difference—we celebrate it and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our clients and their products. To ensure consistency in our objective decision making, we’ve setup scorecards per interview with objective variables that will decide your approval or declination.

If I have comments regarding the hiring process of Toko, where can I leave my comments?

At Toko, we constantly try to improve our hiring process for the candidates. To make the process as pleasant and frictionless as possible, it is absolutely crucial to hear what candidates have to say about their experiences with Toko. We therefore allow candidates to give feedback after or during the process using the form provided after every interview.

Where do I find the required job skills?

You can find all job specific requirements here.

What type of projects will I be working on? 

You will be recruiting to help us grow our team, sourcing candidates through varied channels and making final decisions based on data.

Will I be able to work wherever I want?

Yes! With Toko you can work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Working remotely, should I follow EST or my local time-zone as office hours? 

When you join we’ll work out a schedule that makes sense for your specific timezone.

What will my compensation package look like?

Your annual starting salary will total between $18,000 and $30,000+ USD.

Will the contract be for a defined or undefined period of time?

Undefined - you will be able to stay and work as long as you want.

Are there any perks?

Yes! Working with Toko means you’ll be mentored by some of the best startup leaders in the world, while working from wherever you want. You can find all the perks of working with us under “Why work with Toko?” in the job description.

When do I receive my salary?

You will receive your Toko paycheck every first and fifteenth day of the month.

What happens when a pay date falls in a holiday?

The payment will be done the last day prior to the weekend.

Will my equipment be provided by Toko? 

All the equipment you’ll need is your own laptop!

Will I be provided with resources and training to do the job?

Yes. You’ll receive all the resources and training you’ll need to feel confident completing your assignments.

Does Toko have required basics for all team members?

Yes, we do. These skills concern the following aspects: Delivery focused, Passion, Teamwork, Foresight & Judgement, Curiosity and Agile.

What are Toko’s culture and core values?

To work as a strong team it is absolutely crucial that the values throughout the whole team are aligned. We therefore have listed core values that we think are key to set team members up for great culture and success. The values are the following:

  • Team outcomes over individual outcomes
  • Good habits over heavy process
  • Minimize work in progress; Always be Shipping
  • Ask how it can be done instead of why we can’t  do it
  • Always steer in the direction we want to go
  • Over communication & accountability
  • Nobody codes in the corner
  • Good ideas come from everywhere

How does the structure of Toko’s team look like ?

The Toko team is made up of engineers, designers, and product people.

How did the company start?

Toko was started by a team of entrepreneurs who have started, built, and exited multiple companies; and in the process grown teams, raised tens of millions in venture capital, and built products used my millions of people each year. 

What is Toko’s long term goal?

Use worldwide real-time data to help investors make better decisions about how to invest in short term rentals.

How does the Toko team aim to reach their goal? 

To eventually have a platform that can help investors come to better investment decisions in short term rentals, Toko has set out the following targets: 

First, to finalize our platform using real-time international data which will allow investors to make better decisions about where to invest in short-term rentals.

Second, to analyze and select the top locations for short-term rentals, and hire an ops leader who will manage investment decisions.

Third, to set up a real estate investment fund in order to lease and buy units on a larger scale.